Sketching and writing gives me creative respite,” says Parinita Seth on how she keeps herself busy between shots for Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’

In the tumultuous world of Sony SAB’s Vanshaj, where familial conflicts and inheritance disputes between Digvijay Mahajan aka DJ (Mahir Pandhi) and Yuvika Mahajan (Anjali Tatrari) dominate the storyline, actress Parinita Seth, who plays the role of DJ’s mother Gargi Mahajan, discovers solace and rejuvenation through the soothing medium of sketching and writing while shooting.

Amidst the hectic shoot schedule, Parinita Seth finds respite in her personal artistic pursuits. For her, the process of sketching serves as a therapeutic escape from the intensity of her on-screen persona, allowing her to recharge and reconnect with her inner self. Whenever she gets a break between the shoot, Parinita is often found with a pen and paper, either sketching, doodling or writing as she believes in having multiple outlets for creativity.
Parinita Seth, who plays the role of Gargi Mahajan in Vanshaj, said, “All of us have moved to Umergaon for the shoot of Vanshaj, away from our families, so we often find some or the other ways to keep ourselves busy. I had always been fond of sketching and would often find myself doodling something or the other on set. It allows me to relax during the shoot. Recently I have also taken up writing as I aspire to be a writer one day. Both these activities give me creative respite and I feel it is very important to balance your work and personal passions as they keep you sane.”

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