Shukrana Conclave by Ontologist Aashmeen Munjaal: Understanding of beautifying humans internally and externally

The renowned celebrity makeup and beauty expert turned Ontologist & relationship expert Aashmeen Munjaal, founder of Shukrana Gratitude Foundation, with her motivation to make people understand their inner worth and inner beauty organized a grand Shukrana conclave. The event took place at PHD Chambers, Hauz Khaz, New Delhi, where eminent personalities and jury from the wellness and Bollywood Industry came together for the conclave and had soulful conversations on external & internal beauty.

Along with Aashmeen, the event was led by Aman Verma, Bollywood Actor, Ritu Shivpuri, Bollywood Actress, Vandy Mehra, Director Study by Janak, Annie Munjaal, Star Makeup and Hair Academy Ramon LLamba, business & life coach, Arvind Munjaal, co-founder Shukrana Gratitude Foundation, Vivek Behl, Relationship & Family Coach, Rita Gangwani, personality coach, Varun Katyal, Nutritionist & Wellness Expert, Preeti Ghai, Fashion Designer, Aradhya Maheshwari, Director Satrang Creations, Kirandeep Rawat, Punjabi actor and many more.

Some of the topics discussed in the conclave were, what is inner beauty? Why is it important to be conscious about one’s inner beautification? Which simple practice do you suggest to the audience if they want to beautify their inner self? How much do you feel gratitude is important to brighten up your inner being? How do you practice thankfulness in your daily life? Also, Aashmeen revealed one inner beauty mantra for the audience.

Being a certified Ontologist for the past ten years, Aashmeen revealed her motive behind the Shukrana Conclave, she stated, “Our Shukrana Foundation through this conclave is heading and aiming to reach out to people who need motivation and direction in life to accomplish their dreams and fulfill their desires. Our theme is to beautify humanity internally and externally. Our topic of discussion is also based on the understanding of our audience to know the importance of their inner self and to under the need of their soul to have a healthy mental life ahead. I am also thankful to the jury for giving their valuable time for empowering humanity with their wise words.”

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