Shoaib Ibrahim from Star Bharat’s Show ‘Ajooni’ Opens Up About Celebrating His Birthday

Popular television actor Shoaib Ibrahim, known for his remarkable performances in shows like ‘Ajooni,’ is all set to celebrate his birthday in a special and heartwarming way. The talented actor, who has won the hearts of millions with his acting prowess, spoke about his plans for his upcoming birthday.

*”This birthday, I’ll celebrate it at home with my family. I want to spend this day with my dear ones and cherish some quality time together,” expressed Shoaib Ibrahim.* Known for his strong bond with his family, Shoaib emphasizes the importance of celebrating special moments with loved ones.

While the actor intends to have a cozy and intimate celebration with his family, he also expressed his excitement about celebrating with his ‘Ajooni’ family on the set. *”I’ll cut the cake and hopefully have a good time together with my Star Bharat family on the set of my show ‘Ajooni.’ It’s always wonderful to celebrate with the people you work with, who become a part of your extended family,” he added.*

Shoaib Ibrahim has garnered immense popularity for his portrayal of ‘Rajveer’ in the television show ‘Ajooni’ on Star Bharat. His recent look as ‘Pathaan’ in the current track of the show has garnered him immense praises from his viewers and the story is being loved by the audience.

As Shoaib Ibrahim’s birthday approaches, fans are eagerly waiting to shower him with love and good wishes. The actor’s humble and down-to-earth nature has endeared him to a wide fan base, who appreciate not just his talent but also his warm personality.

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