Shamita Shetty dissolves her differences with Nishant Bhatt, audience hails her for always standing by her friends

Contestants in the Bigg Boss house often go through highs and lows owing to the atmosphere in the house, their emotions and more. The latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 witnessed Nishant Bhat feeling a little low owing to his thoughts related to the value that he holds for others.

Shamita Shetty who has been one of his closest friends since Bigg Boss OTT, went on to talk to him. Being the wise one that she is, Shamita urged Nishant to express his feelings after which the choreographer got a little emotional while she respectfully heard his side of the story and cleared the air.

After seeing Nishant getting sentimental, Shamita too got emotional and comforted him. She went a step ahead and  also apologized to Nishant if she has ever hurt him though that would never be her intention.

The audience appreciated Shamita’s concern for Nishant and her value for his friendship And as far the game is concerned, Shamita is playing a brilliant dignified game and proved herself as the most deserving contestant to to lift that Bigg Boss 15 trophy.

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