In line with its value of ‘Putting Planet before Profits’, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), unveiled Godrej Magic Bodywash, India’s first ready-to-mix bodywash at just INR.45. This innovation encourages the habit of reuse and reduce wastage, thereby, empowering people to make sustainable choice for their daily life activities.

Actor ShahRukh Khan has been roped in as the brand ambassador for Godrej Magic Bodywash and will feature in a mass awareness campaign. Godrej Magic Bodywash, with its ready-to-mix format, is a solution to environmental concerns as well as consumer challenges.

India generates 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually. Due to high water content of skin and body products, tonnes of water is shipped before production and makes the finished product heavier while it is transported. Godrej Magic Bodywash requires just 16% of the plastic in packaging and only 19% of the energy to manufacture as compared to a regular bodywash,
and just 10% of the total energy required to make a soap bar. Since the gel-based sachets are small and light, more sachets can be transported in every truck, leading to 44% lesser diesel consumption resulting in 44% lower carbon emissions as compared to transporting a regular bodywash.

From a consumer perspective, they prefer upgrading to a bodywash from a soap, but steep prices pose as the biggest barrier. Godrej Magic Bodywash is available in a single gel sachet and in a combi-pack comprising a bottle and gel sachet. The sachet is priced at INR 45 while the combi pack (bottle + gel sachet) is for INR 65. This product is as affordable as a soap.
This product come in 2 variants – Lavender and Honey Jasmine.

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