Shahid and Sachet actually reached out, Mira made the initial introduction to Shahid! – Independent Artist Hrishi on his biggest breakthrough

Hrishi rose to fame with his recreation of Dua Lipa’s Levitating. The original version was a massive hit, heard on loop by millions. While working on covering it, Hrishi created his own version, which featured Carnatic music. In no time, the song started to spread like wildfire, and has currently reached over 6 million views on social media.

With his rising fame, Hrishi was approached by singer/composer Sachet Tandon, and the legendary actor Shahid Kapoor. Shahid wanted Hrishi to recreate a version of his then unreleased song Maiyya Mainu from from his movie “Jersey”.

We got an opportunity to speak to Hrishi on this,  and he said, “Maiyya Mainu is probably one of the most special songs I’ve ever gotten a chance to be a part of. The story started with my carnatic remix reel of Peaches by Justin Bieber, which caught the attention of the incredible celebrity influencer Mira Kapoor. She messaged me saying she had the song on repeat, and loved the idea of fusing carnatic music and pop music together. Through her, I got introduced to her husband Shahid Kapoor, and we briefly chatted where we said very kind words about my singing and that we would work together someday.”

He further adds, “It was so encouraging hearing that from someone of Shahid’s stature in the entertainment industry, and it really gave me a lot of inspiration moving forward. Months later, I got another message from him, asking to connect me with his music directors for his last blockbuster Jersey, Sachet and Parampara. When it came time to release it was wonderful to receive the initial composer Sachet’s direct blessing, and it was amazing to see my fan base’s reaction to my first Hindi song. Very much looking forward to exploring Bollywood more as a singer and composer in the months and years to come!”

Hrishi’s consistency and perseverance towards his art has brought him his biggest industry breakthrough.

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