Sadhguru’s Visionary Initiative to Amplify Awareness on Soil Degradation at Arth – A Culture Fest on 19th Feb 2022

Palki Sharma in conversation with Sadhguru – Raising Awareness Around Depleting Soil Resource

Arth – A Culture Fest Season 4 brings with itself an important topic that needs attention now more than ever – Soil Degradation.  As per the United Nations, 52% of the world’s agricultural soil is already degraded with only 60 years’ worth of soil left. This will have a severe impact on the global food chain and not to mention, it will also hamper the earth’s delicate ecosystem. Zee Live via its flagship IP, Arth – A Culture Fest has taken up the mantle to amplify this critical message and bring forth the much-needed attention to this cause. In an insightful discussion with Palki Sharma at Arth – A Culture Fest for the ‘The Climate Change Emergency’ panel, Sadhguru Ji will be seen talking about the criticality of the situation at hand and the necessity of effective government policies and efforts to be taken on individual levels.

Sadhguru, via his visionary initiative Conscious Planet – Save Soil is bringing forth awareness about the impending extinction of this precious natural resource. This global initiative is focussed on supporting the Governments of 192 UN nations with the resources to implement soil revitalization policies before it’s too late. Sadhguru himself will be leading the cause by travelling across 26 countries as a lone motorcyclist and connecting with 3.5 billion people to make it the World’s Biggest Ecological Movement.

Sharing his thoughts on the issue Sadhguru asks, “Why is that, even when nearly 40% of climate change is because of the way we are treating the soil, it is never mentioned at international assemblies of people where climate change is the core of what we are doing? When I spoke to a few environment ministers after they came back from COP26 Summit at Glasgow and enquired what happened at the summit they said that they were there for a week but did not hear the word ‘soil’. The most important thing that needs to happen now is to address this critical situation. We are in a cusp of time where if we don’t act in the next 10-15 years’ time, then what we will face is something that all of us will regret.”

The Save Soil Movement will be flagged off from UK, riding along Holland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and UAE to name a few, and to New Delhi, India on World Environment Day. Along with other organisations like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, etc. global personalities like His Holiness Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall,, Tony Robbins will be sharing Sadhguru’s commitment for the cause on several global forums.

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