Rang mein bhang! The Kaidis in Lock Upp celebrate a special Holi with Kangana Ranaut on Judgement Day

Tonight’s episode is extremely special as it is Holi and Judgement Day on Lock Upp. The firebrand Kangana Ranaut makes her entry and she has her hawk eyes trained on every move made by the kaidis.

She starts the episode on a happy, festive note as she wishes all the kaidis a Vey Happy Holi. But soon clarifies that she is here to make their Holi different and badass! Kangana has observed all the contestants and takes Munawar’s class for his behaviour towards Saisha. She also congratulates him on his performance in the Naagin task and advises him to be careful when he manipulates people. Nisha takes the chance to tell Kangana that Munawar is cunning and manipulating and that she is not happy with his recent actions in the game. Kangana, meanwhile, appreciates Nisha and tells her that even though she is bipolar and faces other issues, she is playing quite well. Kangana also appreciates Payal’s game and congratulates her on improving as a player after becoming a captain.

Kangana addresses the friction between Kaaranvir and Payal, still at loggerheads. Payal maintains that Kaaranvir is a bully, who feels that Payal gets triggered without any real reason and creates a commotion.

Kangana also has some feedback for the estranged pair Sara and Ali. While she asks Ali to buck up his game, she tells Sara to back off from questioning why Ali came in the game because it was Kangana who has called him. Kangana also warns the kaidis that from now on, no one is safe and that the best players may well be evicted and locked out! Between Kaaranvir and Payal, Kangana says that Kaaranvir seems to be the better leader to which Payal disagrees and argues with the host of the show!

Next, Kangana starts a very special Q&A task, which seems to rattle the contestants. Is Nisha’s shrill voice a nuisance to other kaidis? Is Anjali not smart enough? Is Poonam being overshadowed by men? Is Payal a whiner? The questions get spicier and the kaidi’s all had a file day answering the fiery, bebaak host!


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As promised by Host, Holi celebrations started in Kangana Ranaut style! A bucket with different colours has different names: Nalayak Neela, Lallu Laal, Haara hua Hara and Pakau Peela. The Kaidi’s now have to decide which colour suits which kaidi. Kangana also arranges sweets for the nominated kaidis. Sara and Babita have laddus, Kaaranvir, Munawar and Nisha have KajuKatli, while Payal and Saisha have Jalebi. As a cliffhanger, Kangana announces a secret behind assigning the sweets to the kaidis which will soon be revealed in Sunday’s episode!

What do the different sweets mean for the kaidis? Who will be locked out of the show this Judgement Day?

To know more, Watch Lock Upp only on ALTBalaji and MX Player tonight at 10:30pm!


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