‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili Hogyi’ actress Mandakini disclosed after years, said that she used to get work done for less money

Actress Mandakini, who became famous overnight with the film ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ released in the year 1985, is a well-known name. In this film by Raj Kapoor, she gave many bold scenes, which created panic in every way. In the film, Mandakini sometimes took a bath in a waterfall wearing a transparent sari and sometimes surprised the audience by breastfeeding on the screen. During this time, such scenes were rarely seen in films, in such a situation, these scenes of Mandakini forced everyone to think. At the same time, now after years, Mandakini is making a comeback again. Meanwhile, now she has made shocking revelations. He told that in those days, actresses were taken only for songs and some scenes.

Mandakini has recently made a comeback again. His song ‘Maa O Maa’ has been released last month. His son Rabil Thakur debuted in this song. On the other hand, Mandakini recently gave an interview to Pinkvilla. In this interview, Mandakini said, ‘At that time there was not much demand for actresses in films. In films, actresses were used only for romantic scenes and songs. When we used to work in films, we used to get only 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees for the whole film.

In the same interview, Mandakini further said, ‘When my children grow up, I started thinking about myself again. The only thing in my mind was that now that the kids have grown up, then I can return to acting. Even before this, Mandakini made many revelations about her career and personal life in her interview.

Contributed by: Uttam Kumar Ojha

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