Rachana Mistry from Star Bharat’s ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho’ shows her directorial  skills for the upcoming sequence

Rachna Mistry, a talented actress and the lead of show  ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho’ on Star Bharat demonstrated her directorial skills by shooting a scene herself. Rachna Mistry, known for her significant roles in various serials, currently plays the lead role in the show, which has received positive feedback from the audience. The show features Iqbal Khan and Rachna Mistry as Dev-Vidhi, captivating viewers with their characters’ boundary-breaking love story. The couple’s on-screen chemistry has been so convincing that they have now tied the knot, defying social norms. What makes this particular scene special is that Rachna Mistry, the lead actress, took charge of shooting it herself. In a special conversation, she revealed the main reason behind this decision. It will be an enjoyable experience for the audience to see how Rachna excels in directing, in addition to her acting skills.

Rachna Mistry, who portrays the character of Vidhi in the show, shared her shooting experience, saying, “There was a scene in the show where my legs were supposed to be filmed while walking, but due to sunlight, the shot couldn’t be captured. If someone else had walked, I would have had to cancel the shot or shoot it myself. However, the camera was quite heavy, weighing about 25 kg, and I was concerned about damaging a camera worth lakhs. That’s when we decided that I would shoot the scene and handle the camera. I expressed my interest to the Director of Photography (DOP) and he asked me to feel the weight of the camera. After realizing that I could handle it, he trusted me and handed over the camera. I passed the test.”

She further added, “I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera, but that day, I realized the immense effort and hard work that goes on behind the scenes. It’s not an easy task, especially for the DOP who strives to capture the perfect shot while carrying the heavy camera on their shoulder. Everyone on the set, including myself, thoroughly enjoyed the moment.”

The upcoming storyline of the show promises to be captivating, with numerous twists and turns. The entry of Jai will test Dev and Vidhi’s relationship, presenting them with new challenges they must overcome to be together.


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