&PrivéHD to feature Nandita Das’ directorial ‘Between The Lines’ on Privé Theatre

A realistic and relatable drama, that engages viewers with a feeling of relatability. ‘Between The Lines’ on Privé Theatre explores the chronicles of an urban couple relationship exploring the bold theme of gender inequality. The play is directed by Nandita Das and stars her along with Subodh Maskara and will run on &PrivéHD at 7pm starting 22nd December to 28th December.

The play touches the theme of ‘Gender Equality’ as two lawyers married to each other find themselves at a cross road after they are pitted against each other in a court case. Written by Nandita and Divya Jagdale, this play originated from a script by Prof. Purushottam Agarwal and is multi-faceted. The beauty of the script lies in its ability to resonate with both men and women in the audience. Men will be struck by its powerful feminist message, while women will connect with the constant inner struggle they face when balancing family and work. The play sheds light on the fact that even in modern urban families where overt inequalities may not exist, sexism is deeply ingrained in our subconscious. We unconsciously prioritize a man’s needs, regardless of our culture or education level. It’s certainly thought-provoking revelation!


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