Prabh Gill takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery with his latest track, Jogiya

The Sufi Rock song perfectly encapsulates the state of mind of today’s youth and therefore easily forms a connect with them

Known to be the romance king of the Pollywood/Punjabi film industry for delivering back-to-back hit romantic singles, Prabh Gill’s latest song, Jogiya, takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery. The Sufi rock song, shot in the beautiful Leh Ladakh, encapsulates the voyage that Prabh undertakes in search of inner peace. Jogiya is an introspective experience that will make the audience dive deep into thoughts of life and its meaning while enjoying this powerful composition.

The video starts with Prabh walking away from an award ceremony. He has everything but still feels a void. Prabh reminisces about the simpler, happy times he had with his band and sets out in search of something more & beyond. The song raises all the right questions. Questions of whether fame, success and money can replace happiness, peace and friendship as he sets off on a journey of self-discovery where he finds himself and the inner peace in the smallest of things. Jogiya is a unique blend of traditional and western. The perfect blend of tabla, electric guitar and drums creates a melody that captures the overall essence and adds more depth to the song. Desi Routz is the music director of Jogiya, while the lyrics and composition are by Maninder Kailey.

Speaking about the song, Prabh Gill said, “I am glad to present this special song to my listeners, it has everything the present generation can easily relate to. In today’s materialistic world we often tend to overlook the simple things of life that actually bring the feeling of joy, and Jogiya perfectly captures that. Just like the theme of the song, I have set on to a new journey in my career by experimenting with the music genres. With a touch of Sufi rock to the track, my new single is very different from my previous work yet extremely relatable.  Audiences have showered immense love on all my previous compositions and hope they will love Jogiya as well. I can’t wait to hear from them.”

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