Oh My Wife! Actors Mudasir Bhat and Lokesh Batta OPEN UP on their Holi Plans, Favourite Childhood Memory, Beloved Holi Song

As the vibrant festival of Holi approaches, anticipation fills the air with hues of excitement. Recently seen together in the gripping series “Oh My Wife!” on Watcho Exclusives, Mudasir Bhat and Lokesh Batta have opened up on their plans for the festive season. In “Oh My Wife!,” Mudasir portrayed Vivek, an investigating officer, while Lokesh donned the cop’s uniform as Ranbir for the first time. From childhood memories to favourite Holi tunes, they offer a glimpse into their celebrations.

*Opening up about their Holi plans, Mudasir Bhat said,* “Like every other year, this year I’ll be celebrating Holi with my family and friends in Mumbai. Although Ramadan is also ongoing, I’m a bit confused, but I’ve decided to go ahead with Holi celebrations. It’s always a joyous occasion—you reunite with friends and family, enjoy playing with organic colours, and indulge in delicious sweets and savouries. Personally, I love the gujiyas made during Holi; they are my favourites! So, at times like these, I always say, “No, I’m not on a diet,” and I eat as much as I can.”

*Lokesh Batta added,* “This year, I plan to celebrate Holi with my friends in Mumbai, gathering in different outdoor spaces such as backyards and terraces. Since my parents reside in Delhi, I’ll be enjoying the festivities with my friends here in Mumbai.”

*The actors also delved into their favourite traditions or memories from Holi celebration in childhood. Lokesh Batta recalled,* “Back in my childhood days, we had some unforgettable traditions. We would play with colours, dousing each other with water-filled buckets, and there was a lot of laughter and joy. One of the highlights was throwing coloured dye on each other and dancing through the streets—it was an absolute blast! I really miss those moments; they hold a special place in my heart.”

*Mudasir Bhat reminisced,* “Traditions are more than just the days of excitement leading up to the festival; they also involve planning. During childhood, we eagerly awaited Holi to meet all our friends, celebrate with music, enjoy good food, and, of course, play with different dry colours and water. Back then, I used to play with the harsh, hard colours that would take about a week to completely fade from the skin. Those were the days of fun and innocence.”

*Lastly, the actors also revealed their favourite Holi song or dance sequence from a Bollywood film that adds to the festive spirit. Mudasir shared,* “I can’t think of anything better than dancing to my all-time favourite songs, “Rang Barse” from the movie “Silsila” and “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” from the movie “Kitna Nasha Yeh Ho Raha Hai,” during Holi. My celebration feels incomplete without grooving to these tracks. Every year, these songs stand out and evoke the true feeling of celebration. Plus, the combination of great actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan adds to the charm. Just like that, you know, the joy of Holi is amplified with these iconic tunes.”

*On the other hand, Lokesh added,* “Last year, my friends and I attended a Holi concert, which was an amazing experience. As for my favourite Holi sequence from a movie, it would have to be the tomato festival scene. I’ve always been intrigued by La Tomatina, a festival held in the Valencian town of Bunol, Spain. I’ve always dreamed of participating in it someday. Alternatively, I would love to visit Goa for a vibrant Holi party—it’s definitely on my bucket list”

“Oh My Wife!”, written and directed by Shaurya Singh, is a suspenseful thriller on Watcho Exclusives. Starring Mudasir Bhat, Lokesh Batta, Sneha Singh Sisodia, and Deepanshi N. Shakya, it follows Vivek, a forensic expert embroiled in a high-profile murder case amidst personal turmoil. As suspicions cloud his wife’s actions, the series keeps viewers guessing: Is she harbouring dark secrets, or is the true killer lurking elsewhere? With a gripping narrative and relentless suspense, “Oh My Wife!” keeps audiences hooked until the final revelation. Tune in to Watcho App for this riveting tale.

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