Not Jealous Of Girls Flirting With Boyfriend Aly Goni, Says Jasmin Bhasin

The actor who is currently dating Aly Goni says she is unfazed with the female attention that he gets and trusts her man

From arriving at the airport in stellar looks to sharing cute Instagram stories together, television industry’s favourite real life couple Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin sure know how to make their fans swoon with love. Commonly called JasLy by their fans, the couple is often seen trending nationwide on Twitter with the hashtag #JasLy.

Recently, Aly Goni gave his fans another chance to go gaga on Twitter and in no time, #JasLy was once again trending across India. Reacting to a snippet from Flipkart Video’s show Ladies vs Gentleman S2, Aly Goni admitted to being the luckiest man in the world to have a girlfriend like Jasmin who loves and trusts him.

In the video, Jasmin Bhasin is seen responding to Terence Lewis to his question – are women more jealous? She replied, “See, I don’t feel jealous. I feel nice. ‘Wow, he is so desirable, he is making heads turn. I am so lucky to have him.’” Terence then asked, “What if a girl is flirting as well?” Jasmin said, “I am okay with it. My man knows his limits. He won’t cross them so I am not jealous. ”

Aly’s reply sent a wave of reactions from fans on Twitter with some of them swooning over Jasmine’s love for him, while some lauded Jasmin for giving Aly space. One thing is for sure, we love #JasLy and we cannot get enough of them


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