Nirup Bhandari’s next is titled ‘Sathya – Son of Harishchandra’

Nirup Bhandari and Sai Kumar, the successful duo behind ‘RangiTaranga’, have joined forces again for a new film with an intriguing storyline. Titled ‘Sathya – Son of Harishchandra’, this production, supported by Ankket Cinemas, unveiled its title and first look today. The initial glimpse is captivating, showcasing a vibrant blend of colors. Nirup Bhandari shines as the son, while Sai Kumar impresses with his bold portrayal of the father. Director Sachin’s choice of the tagline, ‘My father… My villain..’ adds an extra layer of intrigue to the poster, leaving audiences eager for more.

Given the father-son theme, it was apt that the film’s first look was jointly revealed by the hero’s father and the producer’s father. Set against the stunning landscapes of Thirthahalli and Channagiri, ‘Sathya – Son of Harishchandra’ delves into the conflict between truth and falsehood, weaving together comedy and family drama. Alongside Nirup Bhandari and Sai Kumar, the film features a talented ensemble cast including Brinda Acharya, Ankita Amar, Swathi Gurudutt, MK Mata, Chetan Durga, and more.

Produced by Ankit Sonigara for Ankket Cinemas, ‘Sathya – Son of Harishchandra’ is helmed by director Sachin Vaali. Ankit, hailing from Pune, is producing a Kannada film driven by his passion for the language, which is truly commendable. Co-produced by Prashant Mulage, the film boasts cinematography by Sandeep Valluri, music by Sachin Basrur, editing by Ujwal Chandra, costume design by Zoha Kabir, and art direction by Ullas Hydoor.



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