Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Gautam Singh Vig apologised in a very adorable way

Today’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 is honestly one of the most fun-filled episode. After all the drama which took place since Diwali, followed by the nominations, and then yesterday’s captaincy and ration fight, Bigg Boss decides to ease the house stress with a completely enjoyable task.

Later that evening we saw Nimrit win the chocolate task given by Bigg Boss. In the garden area, the OG best friends Nimrit and Gautam say sorry to each other and sort out their differences in a very cute way. A lot of people tried to break their friendship but they proved that their bond is very strong than inmates think. In fact Shalin, Soundarya and others tried to gaslight their friendship.

However, today we saw both of them having a mature discussion about what happened yesterday. Both of them apologized to each other and their friendship stood solid. In the conversation, Gautam said, “we have a bro code and nobody can take your place. Then Nimrit Replied and said Chal Sorry Bol”(in a very cute way. She also confessed to Gautam that she picked Shiv because she was okay with him being the captain but she did not want Priyanka to become one. Finally, netizens are very to see their two most favourite contestants back together.

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