New OTT Releases This Week: Adhura, Tarla, IB 71, Legend of Fuyao, Farhana and More

As July begins, get ready for an exciting wave of entertainment! Your favorite OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, MX Player, and ShemarooMe are releasing a wide variety of content, catering to all your binge-watching desires. The list goes from Prime Video’s Adhura to Blind featuring Sonam Kapoor to Tarla starring Huma Qureshi and much more.

Legend of Fuyao
Platform: MX Player

Legend of Fuyao is a Chinese fantasy drama about Meng Fuyao (Yang Mi), a young woman born from a divine lotus petal. At 16, she masters an invincible fighting technique and embarks on a journey to collect the secret talisman from five kingdoms that will gain her entry into a sacred land called the Firmament. On her journey, Fuyao falls in love with Crown Prince Zhangsun Wuji (Ethan Juan), who helps her to fight the powerful political forces along the way. With the support of her friends, can Fuyao unravel the dangerous conspiracy originating from the heavens and restore peace to the land? Witness this adventure and unravel the story ‘Legend of Fuyao’ streaming on MX Player in Hindi from 5th July 2023.

Platform: Prime Video

Amid the glitz and glamour of early Hollywood, a captivating tale unfolds, tracing the journeys of multiple characters. As the city pulsates with extravagance and immorality, their lives intertwine, experiencing both triumphs and downfalls. From aspiring actors to power-hungry producers, the rollercoaster ride of success and shattered dreams paints a vivid portrait of the tumultuous era in the entertainment industry. In a world where fame and fortune reign supreme, each character must navigate their own path through the wild days of Hollywood’s golden age.

Shubh Yatra
Platform: ShemarooMe

Step into a world of laughter and heartwarming moments with the world digital premiere of ‘Shubh Yatra’ on ShemarooMe, starting July 6, 2023. Directed by the talented Manish Saini, this Gujarati family drama subtly explores the desire among Gujaratis to fulfill their ‘US Dream.’ Follow the endearing journey of Mohan Patel (Malhar Thakar) and his friend Hardik Patel (Hemin Trivedi) as they navigate the hurdles of illegal immigration in their quest to find a better life abroad and repay Mohan’s debt from his failed milk business. Amidst all this, actress M Monal Gajjar takes the spotlight as Saraswati, a fearless reporter, who unravels a deportation scam. With a touch of humor and engaging storytelling, ‘Shubh Yatra’ promises a delightful and entertaining experience for all.

Sweet Kaaram Coffee
Platform: Prime Video

In the empowering story of “Sweet Kaaram Coffee,” three women of different generations find themselves sharing a home, determined to break free from the limitations imposed on them. Together, they embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery and growth, challenging the societal norms that have held them back. As they take bold steps forward, their lives become a captivating adventure filled with learning, resilience, and newfound independence. This heartwarming tale celebrates the strength and spirit of these women as they pave their own paths towards a brighter future.

Platform: Prime Video

Within a bone-chilling narrative that spans both past and present, the arrival of ten-year-old Vedant at Nilgiri Valley School sets off a disconcerting chain of events. Adhiraj, tormented by his actions fifteen years prior, finds himself facing his inner demons when the class of 2007 reunites. However, as Vedant’s journey becomes entwined with Adhiraj’s, a malevolent secret emerges, placing the entire campus in peril as a series of terrifying incidents unfold.

Archier Gallery
Platform: Zee5

Set in the nostalgic city of Kolkata, engineer Archie and his father, Amulya, embrace the spirit of timeless romance. Their lives take an unexpected turn when Archie encounters a mysterious girl teaching a young beggar boy, profoundly impacting him. Consumed by his love for her, Archie starts experiencing hallucinations of her presence everywhere. With his father’s encouragement, he sets out on a journey to find her. However, fate takes an intriguing twist when Archie crosses paths with Niharika, a colleague, causing him to question the compatibility of traditional romance in the contemporary world.

Platform: Jio Cinema

In the gripping film “Blind,” Sonam portrays a resilient visually impaired woman thrust into a high-stakes criminal investigation. As the sole witness in a perplexing case, she confronts the murderer with unwavering determination, unraveling the mysteries surrounding the events. Purab Kohli delivers a riveting performance as the formidable antagonist, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this covert and suspenseful thriller. With a talented ensemble cast, the film delves into the complexities of the plot, elevating its depth and creating an enthralling cinematic experience.

Platform: Sony Liv

Driven by the desire to support her family, Farhana, a middle-class mother, secures employment in a contact center. However, lured by the prospect of greater earnings, she ventures into a riskier division, oblivious to the dangers that lie ahead. As Farhana delves deeper into this treacherous pursuit, she becomes entangled in a hazardous situation, jeopardizing not only her own life but also the well-being of her family. In this captivating narrative, the choices made by Farhana and the resulting consequences shed light on the sacrifices and perils associated with the pursuit of financial stability.

Fatal Seduction
Platform: Netflix

During an electrifying weekend getaway, Nandi finds herself confronted with an irresistible temptation that sets ablaze her innermost longings. As emotions soar, she becomes entangled in the uncovering of dark secrets and concealed betrayals within her circle of loved ones. A married professor succumbs to an affair with a younger man, only to unearth a tangled web of deceit woven by those she holds dear. In this captivating narrative, love, lust, and betrayal intertwine, laying bare the delicate nature of relationships and the depths to which human desires can lead.

Hack My Home
Platform: Netflix

In the captivating Netflix series “Hack My Home,” deserving families face the challenge of limited space without the need to relocate or overspend. With a team of experts including Mikel Welch, Brooks Atwood, Ati Williams, and Jessica Banks, innovative solutions are unveiled. From creative layouts to ingenious storage systems, the show showcases jaw-dropping transformations that inspire and amaze. Witness the power of design, innovation, and engineering as these experts revolutionize the concept of home improvement, one square foot at a time.

IB 71
Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

IB 71 is a gripping film where Vidyut Jammwal delivers a captivating dual performance as Dev Jammwal, an IB agent. The story takes place during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and revolves around Dev’s covert mission of significant importance, cloaked in secrecy for over fifty years. With a team of thirty skilled spies, Dev embarks on a race against time to protect India’s future. “IB 71” unravels the untold tale of this extraordinary operation, chronicling the arduous journey that played a pivotal role in India’s triumph.

Platform: Zee5

Tarla is a captivating film showcasing the extraordinary life of Tarla Dalal, portrayed by the talented Huma Qureshi. Follow Tarla’s inspiring journey as she rises from humble beginnings to become a renowned Indian chef and celebrated cookbook writer. With unwavering ambition and determination, she conquers the culinary world, leaving a flavorful legacy for generations to come. Get ready to savor the tantalizing tale of passion, spices, and triumph.

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