Neha Sargam helps Trisha Sarda ace the song sequence in Sony TV’s Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala

Maa aur lalla ki kahaani hai adbudh. Defining a remarkable relationship between a mother and son, Sony Entertainment Television’s mythological narrative, Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala in its current track, highlights Lord Krishna’s (Trisha Sarda) multiple mischiefs. The ardent fans have witnessed how Gokulvasis leave Gokul and reach Vrindavan while Yashoda Maiyaa (Neha Sargam) gets a glimpse of Lord Ganesha in her new Nandbhavan mandir.

Now in the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness how Yashoda Maiyaa finds out about Krishna’s makkhan chori at Urmila’s place and gets angry. Yashoda, who is furious with Krishna, begins purposefully ignoring him. Yashoda greets Rohini and Balram and showers love on Balram which makes Krishna emotional. To convince Yashoda Maiyaa an emotional Krishna will start singing a song, finally melting Yashoda’s heart.

Talking about shooting for the sequence Neha Sargam essaying the role of Maiyaa Yashoda says, “I have always loved singing and when I got to know that Trisha will be singing for this sequence, I was extremely thrilled. I recalled the days when I was trying for Indian Idol. In between shots Trisha and I would sit together and practice the song. I would give her guidance and to my surprise, she would catch it instantly. Trisha is a very talented child and has a long way to go. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting this sequence with her.”

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