Neha Dhupia’s gives us snacking goals!


Bollywood Diva Neha Dhupia is always known for her choices, be it her career in movies or fashion, her marriage or her fitness journey, she has always wowed people. Neha is also one of those Bollywood beauties who follows a strict routine and believes in disciplinary eating.

In her latest video, we see her talking to consumers about World Pistachio Day (26th Feb) through her partnership with California Pistachios. She talks about healthy snacking and why she opts for it. Neha also spills some more beans and reveals details from her day to day life.

Neha ensures that her daughter Mehr, picks up this habit of healthy eating. “As a mother, I realized that I had to start getting my daughter to love her healthy foods just as much as cake and candy! But before we get our children to choose healthier food options we must ourselves make these choices. Did you know that 30 California Pistachios are only about a 100 calories? I no longer worry about my mid meal cravings because I know I can choose a healthy and delicious snack! It all starts with this choice. A combination of healthy diet, a good work out regime and a little bit of me time, can help us feel happier and healthier every day.”- Says Neha.

Neha also reveals that she is an avid California pistachio lover- “Happy World Pistachio Day! If someone would have told me earlier that I could celebrate a day for healthy snacking, I would not have believed it. But ever since I discovered California Pistachios – things have changed for me. It is officially my favourite snack! These nuts are grown in the moderate Mediterranean climate of California and are sun ripened. They are harvested using an innovative method to ensure they never touch the ground! I have picked my healthy snack of choice and I urge you to do the same.”

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