“My Legacy and My Colours” – An exhibition of paintings by Roopinder Kaur Sandhu

Artist Roopinder Kaur Sandhu’s exhibition titled “My Legacy & My Colours” opens this week at Bikaner House, New Delhi. The exhibition will be on view for a week, from 15th December to 21st December.

Commemorating Eighty-Three years of Roopinder Kaur Sandhu – who has touched many lives with her colour, forms and the tenderness of her brush, this exhibition presents more than thirty works from the artist including oils on canvas, photographs and text that share the artist’s treasured memories through the course of her extraordinary life. This exhibition also showcases her oeuvres into seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It is an ode to the artist’s life captured through the lenses of how the passing seasons are a metaphor for the changes in our lives.

An artist cannot stop creating. The act of creation is as essential as breathing. Likewise, a warrior for social justice cannot stop confronting injustice. How can these two impulses coexist in one person – the creativity of the artist and the fighting spirit of the warrior? It is only possible with great difficulty and determination. They are compelling drives that pull in orthogonal directions. Possessing these complex and driving impulses, the artisr has cultivated intuition, insight and wisdom.

Her art expresses a love of beauty and the seasons. Her eyes are able to discern beauty even in amid the horrible destruction of a wildfire or the depth of a sunset that drinks in the light of the sky.Forever changing with the seasons, landscapes are dynamic, restless, and alive. Her paintings express a world perceived like a jewel discovered beneath a layer of seemingly conventional appearances.

Born in the late 1930s within a social circle where girls were more often reared as debutantes rather than encouraged for their talents and intellect, Ms Sandhu cultivated a deep appreciation for the need to advocate for women in a man’s world, especially the needs of young girls. Supporting the notion with the help of her family a percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Caring for the Girl Child Foundation and to her local Gurdwara for building a school. The artist also chooses to leave the world a better place for the next generation by making this one of a kind carbon neutral art exhibition in India with the help of her granddaughter Saba Rajkotia and Climes the company she work for.


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