Milind Soman returns in a music video after 2 decades in Vayu’s ‘Shringaar’ with Raftaar, Aastha Gill, and AKASA

The hot and vibrant video starring Milind Soman, Raftaar, Aastha Gill, and AKASA, promises a visual treat for the dance and music fans

After 2 decades, the legendary supermodel Milind Soman is back with the biggest party song of the year, ‘Shringaar’. The track also brings together the hit Naagin trio Vayu, Aastha Gill and AKASA, along with the popular
rapper-singer-composer, Raftaar. The crew is literally #2HotToHandle!

Composed and written by Vayu with rap by Raftaar, Shringaar has been sung by AKASA and Aastha Gill. Directed and choreographed by Punit .J. Pathak, the signature move has “viral” written all over it, making the song a certified dance anthem.
Sharing his experience, Milind Soman says, “It was so super fun to do a music video after 25 years. When Shringaar came my way, I instantly loved the track, and wanted to be a part of it. The track has a great vibe and I’m super excited to work with the amazingly talented Aastha, AKASA and Raftaar, who make the song what it is. Shringaar is undoubtedly the party anthem of the year and not just me, my mother and my wife also loved the song.”

The composer and lyricist of the song, Vayu says, “Working with Aastha and AKASA again, made me nostalgic. We had worked together on the hit song ‘Naagin’ and had an absolute blast; and nothing could have been better than coming together for another desi party song like Shringaar. Working with Raftaar has been an absolute pleasure, while having Milind Soman in the video has taken the song a notch higher. I hope the listeners love this addictive party track and won’t be able to stop themselves from dancing on it!”
Speaking about Shringaar, Raftaar adds, “It has been a pleasure working with Aastha, AKASA, Vayu and Milind Soman. They are super talented artists, honest and dedicated. With the right kind of lyrics and composition, I don’t doubt its potential to dominate the party scene. It’s a fascinating dance number that I loved rapping for.”
AKASA adds, “I feel like Vayu and I have a special bond now and as blessed as I am to work on his creations there’s also this homely feeling of comfort with him. Similarly with Aastha, we’re so similar in our goofy boyish energies, that it’s just crazy how we switch into the glam divas you see in the videos. I love working with her!  After the success of ‘Naagin’, our fans wanted us to get back together soon and what better than ‘Shringaar’? The lyrics, composition, and choreography are simply fabulous. The experience of shooting for this song has been a wonderful one and Milind Soman’s presence (who has been my crush for the longest time, by the way) is a dream come true. He charmed us all with his presence on screen and off screen.”

Aastha shares, “Reuniting with my old team has been an absolute blast as it has allowed me to relive all the old memories that we had while shooting ‘Naagin’. Be it Raftaar, Vayu or AKASA, all of them have their own style and are extremely talented. It was an absolute delight to work with Milind Soman and his energy is infectious. Shringaar has turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life.”

The video is a fine balance between glamour, style and colourful desi elements. Making an impact that won’t leave you anytime soon, Aastha and AKASA stun with their on-point vocals and dance moves. The female versions of the classic duo “Jay-Veeru”, they woo the dreamy potter Milind Soman in the video. A 10/10 recommendation and something you’ll watch again and again, “Shringaar” is the next big thing from the world of Indian Pop music.

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