Meet the writers Moni Singh and Renuka Suthar of Pocket FM’s audio series Devil Se Shaadi, who defied all odds to create this audio series

The special promo of Pocket FM’s audio series ‘Devil Se Shaadi’ featuring Sumbul Toqueer and Prateik Choudhary has taken the entertainment world by storm. Not just Sumbul and Prateik’s chemistry in the promo, but the series’ engrossing storyline is earning immense appreciation from listeners. Now, it’s time to unveil the brilliant minds behind this masterpiece – the writers who have created the magic. Behind this extraordinary audio series stand two brilliant female writers from small towns, Moni Singh and Renuka Suthar, who have defied all odds to flourish in the creative field and make their mark on the world.

Meet Moni Singh, a 21-year-old student hailing from Bihar, whose writing talent bloomed at a tender age of 19. Battling against financial challenges, Moni fearlessly took on the responsibility of supporting her family, all while chasing her dreams in the realm of storytelling. As the first writer in her family, she shattered stereotypes, becoming an inspiration for countless women in Bihar, urging them to pursue their aspirations unapologetically. Fueled by her mother’s wisdom and her father’s unwavering pride, Moni’s debut audio series aims to touch the depths of listeners’ hearts, weaving tales of positivity and emotions that resonate deeply.

*Talking about her journey Moni Singh shared,* “Writing was my ray of hope, my escape from struggles. Balancing family support and pursuing dreams was challenging, but Pocket FM granted me early independence. My mother, who is not formally educated, her inspiration fueled my determination. Being the first writer in the family fills me with pride, and I’m happy that my first paycheck brought immense joy to my father. Amid MBA and writing challenges, I’m happy on this destiny-driven path. As a woman from Bihar, I encourage others to fearlessly follow their aspirations. Thanks to platform like Pocket FM that’s giving writers like us wings to fly.”

Joining Moni in this creative odyssey is Renuka Suthar, a courageous girl hailing from Jodhpur, who dared to leave behind a stable job at the age of 29 to embrace her passion for writing. Nurtured in a dynamic environment by her supportive family, Renuka’s journey of resilience led her to find fulfillment in crafting impactful stories. Empowered by her parents’ trust and defying societal expectations, she followed her heart’s calling to become a writer, carving a path for herself in a world where dreams can come true.

*Sharing her decision to pursue writing, Renuka Suthar said,* “At 29, I made the toughest decision to leave a secure and stable job in the government sector, going against my family’s expectations, and chose the so-called uncertain path of writing. It was a leap of faith, but I couldn’t ignore the fire inside me. My family’s initial reaction was hesitant and unsure, but their trust and support turned things around. Pocket FM became my lifeline, giving me the chance to be independent and pursue my passion. I’m grateful to Pocket FM for believing in me. To all aspiring writers, stand firm in your conviction, and don’t settle for a plan B. Just pen your stories, follow your dreams sincerely and life’s problems will begin to fade away.”

‘Devil Se Shaadi’ revolves around Rajveer, an arrogant and feared individual within his own family, who unexpectedly enters into a marriage with Ishqi. As they embark on this union, the fate of their relationship hangs in the balance. Will Rajveer’s arrogant demeanor continue to dominate their marriage, leaving Ishqi trapped and fearful? Or will love transform Rajveer, prompting him to become more understanding and considerate towards Ishqi, leading to a healthier and happier bond. Amidst their journey, external factors and meddling family members may intervene, either aiding or hindering the couple’s efforts to build a successful marriage. With unpredictable twists and turns, the audio series promises an enthralling tale of love, passion, and the challenges faced when two contrasting personalities collide.

As you immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of ‘Devil Se Shaadi,’ remember to applaud the exceptional work of Moni Singh and Renuka Suthar, the two remarkable writers who wove this audio series into an unforgettable tapestry of emotions and creativity. Let their journey inspire countless others to break free from constraints, embrace their talents, and conquer the world with their dreams. The creative realm awaits, and these talented writers from small towns have proven that magic knows no bounds when it flows from the heart.

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