Meera Deosthale as ‘Pari’ inclines her inspiration towards Oscar Winning Movie, Forrest Grump’s Tom Hanks’ character  for “Gud Se Meetha Ishq” show on Star Bharat

Ever since the promo launch of Star Bharat’s newest offering, ‘Gur Se Meetha Ishq,’ viewers have been anticipating the show’s unique love story and, of course, its title track, ‘Ishq Bina Kya Jeena Yaara’ that makes the audience feel completely driven by ecstatic mountain ranges. Not only this, but the show’s one of the most remarkable and intriguing character “ Pari” portrayed by Meera Deosthale is currently winning hearts. The first look of the show and the actors associated with it have already enthralled the audience.

*In the show “Gud Se Meetha Ishq”, Meera will be seen delivering the role of a mentally challenged girl who is also inspired by Tom Hank’s’ character from one of his Oscar winning movie “Forrest Grump”. Meera further added saying,* “ Tom hanks plays a slow learner. So when the character graph was decided for Pari the first reference to relativity was with tom hanks character in Forrest Gump . He plays a slow learner in it. But then… the story line of that film is way different from the story of our show. The basic idea of a slow learner for me was to refer from that film”.

Meera’s depiction of Pari is impeccable. She will undoubtedly gain a separate fan base for the upcoming show Gud se Meetha Ishq. Her character will act as a liaison between Kaju and Neel. Pari will assist the lovers in getting closer. Will her efforts result in a love triangle in the story? Stay tuned  to know what’s happening next on “Gud Se Meetha Ishq” this April 18, Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm only on STAR Bharat.

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