Major drama breaks out in the BIGG BOSS house as Abhishek Kumar and Sunny Arya clash!

COLORS’ BIGG BOSS Season 17 is currently in full swing and breaking its own records this season. Recently, the contestants were given a rare treat – permission to sleep during the daytime for just one day. The news was met with cheers and celebrations from Jigna Vora and the other housemates, but things quickly took a turn for the worse.
A mysterious note from BIGG BOSS appeared on the Glance Smart Lock Screen in the Dimaag, reading “Aaj ki taza khabar… Sone par bhi nahi bajega mohalle mein kukdukoo.” After reading the note, an argument broke out among the contestants over assigning and performing their duties. However, Khanzaadi (Feroza Khan) refused to do any work, and Abhishek Kumar soon joined her in rebellion.

This led to a huge fight between Abhishek and Arun Mashettey, which then involved Sunny Arya a.k.a Tehelka Bhai. Unfortunately, Sunny lost his temper and attempted to throw a vase at Abhishek. This angered BIGG BOSS, who blamed Abhishek for starting the fight and issued him with a warning and punishment. BIGG BOSS also issued a stern warning to all the contestants, referring to the note that had appeared on the Glance Smart Lock Screen, and warned them to behave in a civilized manner, failing which the entire house would be deprived of their sleeping privileges at night for the rest of the week.

What’s more is that for the next 24 hours, no one is allowed to talk to Abhishek without BIGG BOSS’s permission. With so much drama ensuing, it remains to be seen how the contestants will react to this latest development, but one thing is for sure – drama and excitement are never far away in the BIGG BOSS house!

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