Lone Warrior Rashami trend crosses more than 200k tweets on Twitter as fans come in huge support

Actress Rashami Desai trends yet again on twitter as Lone Warrior Rashami. She crosses 200k tweets which doesn’t seem to stop. The ticket to finale race is only a week now and fans saw a major twist yet again.

This Weekend Ka Vaar had Umar Riaz getting out due to the mishap that he was involved with Pratik Sehjpal inside. It was left on the audience to decide the fate of Umar and the answer had come. It was Umar who was evicted. The housemates were shattered while we saw Rashami breakdown in tears.

We all know how Umar and Rashami share a great bond inside. Their friendship is loved by many and fans have always appreciated their real side. But the story was something different as Umar leaves the house. Seeing, Rashami breakdown fans come in large numbers to support the latter.

They started a trend on twitter which says #LoneWarriorRashami. The tweet crossed more than 200k tweets and it is still going on.

Fans are majorly in support of Rashami Desai as they believe that she has become even stronger and has also the capabilities of winning the trophy by being the lone warrior inside.



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