ALTBalaji & MX Player’s new reality show ‘Lock Upp’ that launched last Sunday (27th February) with the premise of locking up celebrities who are known to voice strong opinions marks a shift in reality TV in India. Lock Upp, a unique captive reality format co-created for the first time by two of the biggest Indian streaming platforms featuring a fiery host, Kangana Ranaut bringing together 13 controversial celebrities in a jail for 72 days has hit bullseye in capturing a phenomenal 15 million views with 48 hours since its launch. This made it the first digital reality show to achieve such a massive opening in its launch week. In a never seen before captive reality format, this show is a class apart from everything seen in India or across the globe in the OTT history till date!

Lock Upp, is a social experiment that will pave the way for developing a homegrown global reality format. While television has run its course on the over hashed sentiment of unity amid differences of opinions, Lock Upp is a reality format that is quite the opposite — it pits celebrities and influencers who are known for very strong views on various issues in a hostile environment that has bare minimum amenities. The show has attracted a huge following even amongst international viewers because of its distinct look and feel. There will be challenging tasks in this badass jail that will rattle the viewers. The inmates’ spirits will be tested, their morals will be questioned in tough situations, and they will have to survive in the jail with basic amenities after living in comfort for years. In addition, they will have to do ‘Prayashchit & Pashyataap’ wherein if they face the threat of elimination, the only way to stay in the game is to expose a dark secret that is unknown to anyone else on the mainstream entertainment platforms live global feed.

This is the first-ever reality show that has been created with its parallel universe of fantasy metaverse and contestant card trading. During the season, audiences can sometimes decide what tasks will take place and build high degree of interactivity and engagement. With an international look and feel, Lock Upp is set in a real jail-like scenario that has several hidden twists and passages that viewers will learn about as the show comes live daily for 72 days since 27th February. Even the temptation room will either be someone’s gain or loss.  Omung Kumar, the celebrated set designer, has created the futuristic sets that is already the talk of the town. Eshaa Amin, a renowned costume designer, has designed the outfits which is also being loved by the audiences.

With 13 controversial celebrities, Nisha Rawal, Munawar Faruqui, Poonam Pandey, Kaaranvir Bohra, Swami Chakrapani, Siddharth Sharma, Anjali Arora, Babita Phogat, Shivam Sharma, Sara Khan, Payal Rohatgi, Tehseen Poonawalla and Saisha Shinde locked up, the raw emotions that they are displaying is creating such an unique unscripted drama which has heightened  interest amongst its audiences.  The activation of fan clubs has already begun, and Lock Upp posts, tweets, comments, and fan art are exploding on social media worldwide! The next 69 days are surely going to be one roller coaster ride that will set new benchmarks for homegrown concept formats and reality shows on digital!

Are you watching Lock Upp, Watch LOCK UPP 24X7 live for free on ALTBalaji & MX Player!


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