Lawyer Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is back in her court and she proved her worth in today’s episode!

The makers of Bigg Boss 16 are always known to throw things that either brings the best of them or highlight where they are going wrong. Today’s episode too had the moment when Bigg Boss had given a court task where lawyers Mc Stan and Lawyer Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia had to fight, the given issue.

Gautam who was fired by Bigg Boss had a battle where he had to prove that his love with Soundarya is true. While Stan was on the side of Gautam, Nimrit was on the other side fighting the case that the love equation is not true and is just for the show.  The task was quite fun and Nimrit fought with grit and determination.

In every sentence that she spoke, the glimpse of her lower side was shining bright. Nirmit who is a famous actor is a lawyer by profession. Coming back to the same fort where it started, Nimrit was all happy.
The verdict though was in the favor of Gautam and MC Stan, fans were quite impressed to see the real lawyer Nimrit stating certain facts. At times when the contestants were not maintaining the decorum, she managed to bring it ahead.

It’s just a month to India’s most entertaining and controversial show of Bigg Boss 16 but it is setting it’s own standard where the entertainment is being aptly served to it’s viewers.

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