Kiran Javeri gives a celestial performance in Glen Barretto’s  film “GODWOMAN”

Kiran Javeri was seen in Aamir Khan starrer cult film Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Kiran Javeri, is known for her performance as a shy girl in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, and Shahrukh Khan Starrer Badshah to name a few. She has been winning hearts with an award-winning performance in the short film “GODWOMAN” directed by Glen Barretto.

GODWOMAN is a radical, eye opener film which tells us about how we should trust ourselves and our own strength within, instead of being emotionally dependent on any Godwoman/Godman.

When quipped the JJWS girl Kiran Javeri, who plays the Godwoman says, “When I heard the script I was excited as it touches a Global topic which speaks of vulnerability in every human being. When a  person is going through tough times. It is at these times when we surrender and turn to and believe the Godmen / Godwomen.
Besides knowing Glen Barreto for so long, it came with a lot of comfort and ease. He is an excellent director and a very dear friend.”

With a beautiful smile, Kiran concludes, “I hope the audience  give the film immense love and appreciation. I am sure many may relate with the movie.

Director Glen Barretto says, “The short narrative is a mirror of human emotions which raises the question if the Godwomen actually practice what she preaches. Kiran being an excellent artist was my first choice to do justice to this complex character and Kiran as Godwoman has done complete justice. The film carries a very powerful and relevant message, the producers wanted the movie’s message to reach to maximum number of people on a global level and we hence decided to release on their channel on YouTube which is free to view and is streaming now.”

Godwoman is now streaming on Youtube and is winning people’s heart with it’s a beautiful story and message.

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