Khawahish marks her OTT debut with Watcho Exclusives series Flash, says ‘This opportunity meant a lot to me’

Actress Khawahish marked her OTT debut in the Watcho Exclusive series “Flash,” starring alongside Anshul Pandey and Sagar Kapoor. Before this breakthrough, Khawahish showcased her talent in modelling and featured in notable advertisements. In “Flash,” she portrays the character of Aksha Chauhan, who entices Vansh into a peculiar photoshoot, leading to eerie circumstances. Reflecting on her journey, Khawahish reminisces about her auditions for the series, her decision to accept the role, her experience facing the camera, and her personal connection to the character.

*When questioned about her decision to accept the series, Khawahish revealed,* “It was my first opportunity, and I really didn’t want to let it slip away. This was my first shot at being part of a web series, and I had auditioned for various roles before finally getting selected for this one. I was incredibly excited because this opportunity meant a lot to me. The storyline of the series seemed both enjoyable and intriguing, which added to my excitement. Additionally, meeting Shaurya Sharma, our director, was a pleasant experience. He turned out to be a very kind person, and that mattered to me a lot. Considering all these factors, I felt like this was a fantastic chance that I simply couldn’t afford to miss, especially since it was my first big break.”

*She further added,* “Even though this is my first acting gig, I’ve always had a strong connection with the camera, whether being behind it or in front of it. There was a time when I loved photography and videography, especially with content creation on Instagram, ads, or modelling. I’ve always loved being in front of the camera; it’s always been amazing. I still enjoy being behind the camera sometimes.”

*Talking about the character’s appeal, Khawahish replied,* “What attracted me to the character was her kindness and her determination to take control of her own destiny and seek revenge. She was a nice girl, but she also had the courage to take matters into her own hands. I liked that she was both sweet and strong.”

“I haven’t really thought about it much, but I suppose there might be a little connection. You can find a bit of yourself in every person to some extent,” *she concluded by revealing whether she personally connects with the character.*

Directed by Shaurya Singh, “Flash” is a gripping Watcho Exclusive series that follows Vansh Kundra, a talented portrait photographer, as he is drawn into a world of mystery and deception during a routine photoshoot with the enigmatic Aksha Chauhan.  Set in a lavish yet eerie penthouse, the story unfolds with a series of unexpected events that challenge Vansh’s perception of reality. As he delves deeper, Vansh discovers a complex web of lies and secrets surrounding Aksha. With each episode, “Flash” unravels the truth behind Aksha’s identity and the sinister forces at play, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Available exclusively on the Watcho App, “Flash” promises a thrilling experience that will leave you craving for more.

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