Katrina Kaif, the Cover Star of Femina’s December Edition, Shares Her Passion for Beauty and Entrepreneurship

Katrina Kaif is a name that needs no introduction. The model, actress and now entrepreneur brings her best to every role she takes on. In a career spanning over two decades, she has reached new heights through an unwavering dedication towards her craft, and, as co-founder of Kay Beauty, become the first Indian actor to launch her own beauty brand. In the December 2022 issue of Femina, the cover star discusses her evolving relationship with beauty and her passion for building a community where every person feels represented.

“I’ve always had a very interesting relationship with beauty,” Katrina revealed in the Cover Story. “I’ve always found that women who are strong, who are confident in themselves, have represented beauty to me. I’ve always been very taken with a woman who appears self-assured and comfortable in her own skin. That is the kind of beauty that I have always found very powerful and impactful in terms of beauty and its relationship to makeup.”

Sharing her learnings as an entrepreneur after co-founding Kay Beauty, she added, “I believe you should choose a mission for the business and that should reflect in every aspect of it, whether it’s the product, the marketing, or the consumer experience. (For me) It was the desire to create a community, one that is inclusive, where people feel they are completely free to be however they are, and that encourages women to build their inner confidence and to be confident in their own skin.”

Ambika Muttoo, Editor-in-Chief of Femina, said, “Katrina Kaif is, of course, one of the most famous celebrities in India but she has grown beyond the fame and glamour to become even more of an inspiration to women. In this interview, we have explored her entrepreneurial journey with Kay Beauty, a brand that promises quality and diversity – attributes that resonate with Katrina’s striking personality and aura.”

Grab the latest issue of Femina – out on stands and online now – to read about Katrina Kaif’s journey into entrepreneurship.


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