Kathaa Ankahee: An irreversible wound for Kathaa and Viaan

Sony Entertainment Television’s latest fiction offering Kathaa Ankahee, the Hindi remake of the superhit Turkish series, ‘1001 Nights’ (Binbir Gece) presents a repentance love story centered around an unforgettable wound that creates a rift between Katha (Aditi Dev Sharma) and Viaan (Adnan Khan). Katha is juggling multiple jobs while also knocking on every door possible to collect the desired funds for Aarav’s surgery. In the recent track, viewers have seen how Kathaa is in grave dilemma about her decision to accept Viaan’s proposal. On the other hand, Rewa (Sheen Das) suspected something was wrong with Kathaa.


In tonight’s episode i.e.26th December, Viaan on his way back home will be seen broken from inside after Katha accepting his proposal as he felt that Kathaa would help him to change his perspective towards life and women. But, Viaan will still be in the hope that Katha doesn’t show up at the hotel room. Meanwhile, for Kathaa accepting this proposal has become an irreversible wound that will haunt her for the rest of her life every time she will recall the night.


What changes will the dark night bring in Kathaa and Viaan’s life?



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