Jab We Matched Actor, Mayur More: “True Love Stays True, No Matter What.”

Amazon’s free video streaming service, – ‘Jab We Matched,’ starring Abhishek Nigam, Priyank Sharma, Mayur More, Prit Kamani, Shivangi Joshi, Jasmin Bhasin, and Revathi Pillai, entails four episodes having intriguing titles like Algorithm, Jalkukde, Sirf Ek Date, and Formula Sheet, and each character explores a different perspective on new age dating in every episode. Known to have played pivotal roles in many shows, Mayur More continues to be a trending sensation in Jab We Matched. Decoding modern relationships and its essence in a fast-paced world, he shares his two cents on companionship.

“Humour, Sense of Adventure, Respect and Kindness,” is on Mayur More’s top priority list when it comes to scouting for the ideal partner. “True love stays true, no matter what. Compatibility is the result of efforts made by lovers to accommodate each other’s needs. And companionship is the result of good comparability. However love above all is a feeling of pure intention to give. As long as that’s there, a person will always feel loved, understood and supported. And that’s what all one needs. So, where there’s friendship, love will always find its way back”.

Also, being an avid animal lover, Mayur More agrees that we humans have attributes that we need to source from them. “Sense of nature and X-ray vision,” are golden qualities that animals possess and we humans lack, he concluded.

Jab We Matched is 4 episodic series, helmed by Director Srinivas Sunderrajan, written by Neil Chitnis, Amrit Paul, Bhavya Raj and Ritu Mago. With unique narrative and stellar cast, the show is guaranteed to feature some mushy drama revolving around the interesting pairs, unraveling their life stories. Jab We Matched is streaming on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon Shopping App and on Fire TV for Free.


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