“Itna Tension Kayke Liye Le Raha, Kaam Dhanda Toh Chalte Rahega Bhidu,” says Jackie Shroff as he delivers another relatable monlogue!

Last week, a video of Jackie Shroff talking to the paps went viral on several social media channels. In the video, Jackie Shroff was be seen posing for photographers before getting into his car. Though he was in a hurry, he spent few minutes interacting with the photographers, who asked what he does on when he gets bored, and especially during travel. Jackie with his signature grin, unveiled his secret travel companion – his Glance-enabled smartphone. The video, shared on Viral Bhayani’s Instagram handle went viral, and received more than 1.7mn views, over 100,000 likes and comments, was shared more than 10,000 times in 24 hours.

Following this viral rant, popular star Jackie Shroff has delivered another viral yet relatable monologue that you cannot miss. In a new video released by Glance, one of the world’s leading smart lock screen platforms, Jackie Shroff was seen mentioning to a tensed man, “Kya baat hai chhote, itna tension kayke liye le raha? Aaju baju dekh, tension kam lagega. Kaam dhanda toh chalte rahega Bhidu. Puashtik khaana kha, jhaad paan laga, lamba saans le and mast content dekh. (What happened brother, why are you taking so much stress? Look around you, you will be less tensed. Work will continue to happen. Eat well, plant trees, take a deep breath and watch good content.)”

However, in an era where information overload has become the new norm, the guy mentioned that his whole time goes in finding content itself. To which, Jackie reverted, “Dhundne try karega na, toh dhundte rahe jayega. Apne ko simple chahiye na? Aisa nahi na ki thobda dikha, anghuta laga, unlock, download, search, hazaron cheez karna nahi hai na? Hatta sawan ki ghatta! Ab sirf Glance karneka. (If you try to find content, you will keep on trying to find it only. You want to simplify it right? You don’t want to show your face or put your thumb on your phone, unlock it, download, search and do thousand of things? Just Glance now!)”

Video Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CwmVPiuI2TR/

#UnlockNahiKarneka seeks to liberate users from the endless cycle of searching for information, downloading multiple apps, and constantly unlocking their smartphones. In a series of fun videos, Jackie Shroff in his full Jaggu Dada style introduces Glance smart lock screen and explains how it transforms user experience by presenting everything directly on the lock screen, eliminating the need for tedious searches and clicks.

Being a beloved and relatable figure in Indian cinema and having a mass connect with people across India, Jackie Shroff perfectly embodies the spirit of the idea. Through these engaging videos, he takes on the role of an educator, showing his charisma and wit as he enlightens the paparazzi and consumers about the benefits of Glance. In fact, he also reveals to them how he effortlessly accesses tailored content, plays hyper casual, free to play games, watches live shows, indulges in shopping through Roposo integrations, and more, all without unlocking his smartphone.


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