I want to do a strong character like Priyanka Chopra from Barfi – Nikki Tamboli

Actress Nikki Tamboli who is having a dream run with back-to-back hit songs, and being a contestant for a reality show shares this. The gorgeous actress wants do a strong character like Priyanka Chopra from the movie Barfi. Priyanka Chopra had received lot of accolades for this character and has won many awards for the same.

Nikki who is known to give the best in whatever she has been offered is eyeing for a character which can bring the best of her . Let me tell you that Nikki has already done a movie in south and made a larger fanbase for her impactful performance. In such a scenario where Nikki is seen in music videos, she is up to amp up and play different characters in movies. This is when she stated her will to take up a character like Priyanka in the movie Barfi.

When spoken to her on this said that, “ I have always believed in giving the best in terms of whatever is offered to me. As an artist I want to essay characters which can bring the best in me. When I watched Priyanka Chopra in the film Barfi, I actually saw myself doing something similar in the coming days. These are early days for me but I can assure my fans that you will get to see me in characters which I will be remembered for.

Getting into the skin of the character and giving her best is a quality that will make Nikki reach greater heights in the coming days. We wish her luck and more success for her future endeavors!


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