‘I realised that the typical career wasn’t what I really wanted,’ Says The Immortal Warrior writer Pradeep Sharma on his job leaving for Pocket FM

Life’s greatest moments often arise when we heed our inner calling. Pradeep Sharma, a 40-year-old from Delhi, embodies this truth. At 32, he left a secure corporate job to pursue his passion, a dream many only wish for. Now, he’s a successful writer at Pocket FM, crafting engaging audio series for diverse audiences.

Reflecting on his courageous choice, “My job in a cubicle felt like it was trapping my dreams and passions. I had a moment where I realised that the typical career I was in wasn’t what I really wanted. It was like the universe was giving me a clear sign: I should be writing.

“Describing the weight of that choice is hard. I felt both scared and excited when I decided to follow my passion for writing. Leaving my stable job and its familiar routine was like stepping into a dark forest. I didn’t know where it would lead, but I trusted the journey would be worth it,” he added.

Pradeep is content with the timely decision he made, finding happiness and gratitude for his unwavering family support. Reflecting on this, Pradeep shared, “In hindsight, I’m thrilled I took that leap of faith. Writing has breathed new meaning and joy into my life, proving that remarkable things can unfold when we follow our hearts, even when the path ahead is uncertain.”

He also revealed, “Initially, I kept my career transition a secret from my family, explaining that the company had let me go. Later, they discovered my pursuit of an artistic career, responding with a mix of happiness, surprise, and curiosity.”

“The Immortal Warrior” exclusively available on Pocket FM weaves a compelling narrative around Dhanush, whose life takes a profound turn after a life-altering car accident. His soul splits into two parts: one embarks on a 10,000-year journey in a parallel world, while the other remains on Earth. The audio series delves into their separate journeys, their quest for reunification, and the challenges and adventures shaping their identities. It’s a tale of resilience, self-discovery, and the intricate dance of destiny, interlacing the threads of Dhanush’s past and present lives into an enthralling story.


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