“I feel a strong sense of FOMO about not being a part of Big Boss 17…” reveals Sara Khan

COLORS’ Bigg Boss season 17 has been a fiery and entertaining ride so far, with plenty of controversies and drama that have kept viewers across the world hooked. This year’s theme which sees contestants being divided into three sections – Dil, Dimaag, and Dum – each with their own separate rooms, has generated a lot of excitement already. But that’s not all that’s new this season! The makers have introduced several novelties, including Bigg Boss taking sides and favouring certain contestants from time-to-time. While this has been criticized in the past, it’s been made clear from the outset that Bigg Boss will be partial towards some contestants this year to make the game even more dramatic and fun.

In addition to this, the introduction of the Archive Room has allowed contestants to view important footage and key conversations, adding a new layer of excitement to the show. But perhaps the most exciting change this season is the inclusion of a special phone inside the house with the Glance Smart Lock Screen being present in the Dimaag room. The special messages and information being fed to contestants has already created a stir, and going forward, it has given them an opportunity for potentially shifting the dynamics of the game.

So many new elements have got every Bigg Boss fan excited! Celebrities like Kamya Punjabi have already spoken about how the game is going to get exciting this season especially with the access to a phone! And now, Bigg Boss season 14 fame and TV actress Sara Khan, who was a contestant on season 4, recently expressed her FOMO about not being a part of this season!

As Sara Khan revealed, “Being a part of Big Boss will forever hold a special place in my heart. My journey on the show was a great mix of unforgettable moments and valuable lessons. Whether it was building friendships, having fun, or even engaging in trivial arguments, I cherished every bit of it. However, my fondest memory remains the joy I felt while preparing delicious meals for my friends inside the house. Today, I can’t help but feel a strong sense of FOMO about not being a part of Big Boss Season 17.”

She further added, “At first it was hard to believe that there will be a phone inside the house! It was indeed shocking to know that the contestants will be allowed to have access to crucial information that can change the entire gameplay, all via the Glance smart lock screen. It’s quite a departure from my season, where we could only receive votes through SMS. Big Boss has certainly become smart! It will be exciting to see how the Glance Smart Lock Screen will influence the contestants’ strategies within the house as they use their Dil, Dimaag and Dum to make the most of it.”

While the excitement continues to build for the next episode of BB Season 17, fans are in for a treat as the contestants have switched rooms! The Dimaag room has welcomed Mannara and Munawar while Abhishek has moved into the Dil room. This unexpected twist has surely shaken things up and keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss out on all the drama and tune in to see what happens next.


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