I don’t need a Guardian, I am capable enough to take care of myself : Ankit Gupta

The Shukravaar Ka Vaar was quite entertaining and filled with drama as we saw many contestants pulling each other’s legs. All the stars inside are doing their best to gain the maximum footage. But recently we have seen a major change in Ankit Gupta. Finally, the real, entertainer and one-line master has shown what a game is.

Reeling from the excitement of the house, Salman announces that every contestant has to burst balloons off other contestants’ heads. When the host asked Ankit, he burst Shiv’s ballon. He stated that “he can take his own decisions and he doesn’t need anybody else.”

Ankit is one of the most loved contestants inside and outside of the house and his fans and netizens are extremely happy as they see their favourite contestant stand out.

While all are loving Ankit’s silent gameplay everyone’s only wish that remains is for Ankit Gupta to lift the Bigboss 16 trophy.


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