Hina Khan features in music video Bedard to promote India’s biggest audio show

Beloved celebrity Hina Khan is set to enthrall fans in a newly released music video titled Bedard. The track is sung by the immensely talented Stebin Ben, who also features in the video as one of the main protagonists. Bedard is India’s first music video ever to promote an audio show. It offers a glimpse into the emotionally riveting plot of Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai, India’s number Hindi audio show with over 100 million plays worldwide. Bedard leaves viewers with a cliff-hanger ending, with the rest of story being narrated by RJ Kratika on Pocket FM. Fans can check out the complete music video on Pocket FM’s YouTube channel.

Talking about Bedard, Hina Khan said, “I was completely intrigued when Pocket FM approached me to do a music video for their bestselling audio show, because I had never heard of anything like this before. The story behind Bedard is one that everyone who has ever been in love and faced heartbreak will relate to. I am excited to see how the audience will react to this truly unique experiment.”

Added Stebin Ben, “Bedard is a beautifully written song that captures the tumultuous roller coaster of emotions that love brings with it. I have tried to bring alive the sentiments of my character Pranay as well as those of Tina and Ranvijay through the vocals and hope the music video will fascinate viewers to hear the full story on Pocket FM.”

Bedard, is themed on Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai, Pocket FM’s original Hindi audio show, which is based on a modern-day love triangle, with several twists and turns. It narrates the story of Tina, who is jilted by her lover on their wedding day, which triggers her to marry Ranvijay, a complete stranger who is looking desperately for a bride in order to get his inheritance.

Bedard has been conceptualized by Pocket FM’s creative team, composed by Sanjeev Chaturvedi and Ajay Keswani, produced and directed by Deepak Chaudhary and Ravi Anand from Bigshots Productions and Entertainment. It also features Sapan Krishna in a pivotal role, along with Karan Taneja and Naqiyah Haji.

Pocket FM is India’s leading audio OTT app offering exclusive and original spoken audio content in several languages. It is amongst the top OTT platforms in India with over 10 million downloads, 1.5 billion listening minutes being streamed monthly, and more than 110 minutes being spent by users daily on the app. India’s Top 3 original audio shows are on Pocket FM currently, with over 50 million plays each. Pocket FM aims to establish audio storytelling as a mainstream content format in India and targets crossing 6 billion listening minutes per month, with a user base of over 50 million listeners by the end of 2021.


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