Here are five fantastic reasons why you need to start streaming ‘Chattis Aur Maina’ on Disney+ Hotstar right away

While viewers today are spoilt for choice with an ever-growing list of content that’s just a click away, snackable shows like Disney+ Hotstar’s  ‘Chattis Aur Maina’ feel like a breath of fresh air and pack a punch by delivering king-sized entertainment in small doses. Everyone likes to watch something that can make them laugh and provide ample food for thought, and ‘Chattis Aur Maina’ is precisely that. Since its launch, the show has been making all the right noises in the media and gaining popularity. Produced by CM Studios, it features popular actress Sandeepa Dhar and one of the television industry’s most popular faces – Vikram Singh Chauhan in the lead. The show is available on Disney+ Hotstar for all viewers for FREE!


Even though there are multiple reasons to be truly glued to this show, we list down 5 best reasons here so that you stream the show right away!


*Stunning performances:* Talk about method acting and go no further than Vikram Singh Chauhan and Sandeepa Dhar. They have breathed life into their respective characters of Chattis and Maina through phenomenal timing and acting skills. With the two being poles apart, one gets to see the best of both worlds and chemistry that sizzles right from the start to the end each time the pair are together on-screen.

Something different: In a world full of murder mysteries and gang wars, ‘Chattis Aur Maina’ stresses upon the various stereotypes, especially against women, and evils existing in the society wrapped up in a satirical and humorous background. It is a must-watch for everyone in society to understand how you should never give up on your dreams and ambitions.


*‘Quick’ Watch:* Disney+ Hotstar drops one episode of ‘Chattis Aur Maina’ every day on their segment called ‘Quix’. The episodes, as the segments name suggest, are a quick and easy watch where one does not need to spend hours but can get a fresh dose of entertainment in about 12 minutes. Short and sweet does the trick.

For the love of dance: The show is a perfect watch for all  dance lovers. Sandeepa is a diva in the show where we can see her performing some epic steps. The energy which Sandeepa brings to the screens each time she shakes a leg will force you to groove along with her.


*Family Entertainer:* The word ‘Family Entertainer’ is a rarity these days. We all have those awkward moments with our family during those ‘certain scenes’ while watching most movies and shows. With ‘Chattis Aur Maina’, you can keep this fear at bay, as this is that show which you can sit and watch with your entire family on one sofa.

Produced by CM Studios, one of the content production arms of Rainshine Entertainment, ‘Chattis Aur Maina’ is directed by Shraddha Pasi Jairath, conceptualized by Saad Khan & Saishree Dattatreya and the Showrunner is Dixitaa Thakar. The show was launched on 28th May and will see one episode from the show available to stream every day on Disney+ Hotstar.

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