Had to clear my negative image after previous season, but it doesn’t bother me anymore,’ says Karanvir Bohra ahead of the launch of Saubhagyavati Bhava: Niyam Aur Shartein Laagu

Portraying negative characters in television is no easy feat; it demands an actor to delve deep into the dark and twisted psyche of their character. Yet, there’s a fine line between delivering a convincing performance and becoming synonymous with the character’s malevolence. Actor Karanvir Bohra, renowned for his portrayal of the menacing Viraj Dobriyal in Saubhagyavati Bhava, found himself at crossroads. Now, as the show is all set to return with a fresh season titled Saubhagyavati Bhava: Niyam Aur Shartein Laagu, Karanvir Bohra, recalled how he went all out to clean his negative image as people had started believing that he is just like his character Viraj.

“When the previous season concluded,” Karanvir Bohra recollects, “I faced a tricky situation. Even though I had played the role of Viraj Dobriyal really well, something unexpected happened. People started thinking I was just like Viraj in real life. People began to associate me with the character, believing that I was just like Viraj in real life. It was a challenging time for me, personally and professionally.”

Karanvir’s journey to redeem his public image was marked by deliberate efforts, including participation in various reality shows. He was determined to show the world that he was not the malevolent Viraj but an actor committed to his craft. “I clearly remember when the previous season ended, I had to put in a lot of work and had to participate in many reality shows, just for one reason: to cleanse my negative image of Viraj Dobriyal. It was really difficult for me at that point in life,” he admits.

With the upcoming season, it appears that Viraj Dobriyal’s shadow may still loom over Karanvir Bohra’s character. However, this time around, the actor is unwavering. “Although this season, Viraj might also have similar shades, the negative image doesn’t bother me anymore,” Karanvir states. “The audience already knows who I am in real life, which is nothing like Viraj. They accept me as an actor, and, on the contrary, they have started loving me because of the character Viraj Dobriyal, which was considered to be such a negative character.”

As the new season, ‘Saubhagyavati Bhava: Niyam Aur Shartein Laagu,’ is set to premiere, audiences can look forward to a fresh and riveting narrative. Leading the show are Dheeraj Dhoopar and ‘Amandeep Sidhu, who will share the screen for the first time. ‘Saubhagyavati Bhava: Niyam aur Shartein Laagu’ is scheduled to air from September 26 onwards, every Monday to Saturday, exclusively on Star Bharat.


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