Gautam Singh Vig is the second-time Captain of Bigg Boss House and this is what Shekhar Suman has already predicated

People say when you want something from all your heart, the universe will make it possible for you and Gautam Singh Vig is the best example of that. Bigg Boss 16 is giving us a full dose of entertainment daily and contestants are trying their best to give that to the audience. Sometimes it takes a lot of strength to decide for yourself and in today’s episode, Gautam did that only by choosing captaincy and what is right for him.

Today Shekhar Suman along with the entire nation comes in support of Gautam. He also mentioned in his interview , “I can see Gautam in the Top 3”, which proves that he is going in the right direction.

Today’s weekend ka Vaar, host Salman Khan gives Gautam a chance to become the captain of the house, but to earn the power, he has to give up the ration of the house. He did what is right for him and he selected the captaincy. It’s in the history of Bigg Boss that we witnessed a lot of contestants doing a similar thing for the captaincy.

But this time the fellow contestants retaliate against his decision. Soundarya, who claims to be in love with Gautam also stands against him. Also, in yesterday’s episode, we witnessed Soundrya had left the ration but no one uttered a word to her. Whereas, when Gautam did the same thing, Soundarya was the first person to rebel against this decision.

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