Gauahar Khan comes out in support of Ankit Gupta- Read below to know more

Today, there is a fierce sense of competition throughout the Bigg Boss 16 house as everyone is trying their best to compete for the captaincy. The former captains are given a second chance in the hot seat of captaincy. Up until Sajid Khan gets frustrated and snaps, everything is amusing.

The fact that Ankit Gupta has been given the duty of dictating to Abdu Rozik frustrates Sajid. When Sajid and Abdu refuse to take any action, however, Priyanka objects. Sajid becomes angry and claims that he has the right to yell because it is his decision.

Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik were widely criticised by netizens and fans for their unjust choice.

In fact, Ankit Gupta received support from former Bigg Boss winner Gauhar Khan via Twitter, ‘Whattttttttt non sense ….. Abdu said twice No , I can’t do it twice . Hence he lost that very moment. How did it go till asking Ankit if he’s quitting ??????? Gosh !!!! ‘

This is not the first time that we are watching an unfair decision by Sajid. Netizens and fans are always in support of our “one-liner master,” Ankit Gupta.

While this is going on, netizens are applauding Ankit Gupta for his game. He is the one who observes and then puts his opinion forward, and this is what fans like about him.

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