Gandiibaat4 with Taniya Chatterjee – Exclusive Interview with GetMovieInfo

Taniya Chatterjee, Bengali actor from Kolkata now in Mumbai to work in Industry. Currently, she’s roped in Ekta Kapoor’s “Alt Balaji’s and “ZEE5”s well-known franchise for “Gandiibaat4”.
As Chandni, her character in the show is bold and beautiful.

GetMovieInfo gets a chance to talk with the spontaneous actress regarding her work, thoughts, shows and many more. So guys here our chat session of GetMovieInfo founder Ms. Ravi Tondak with the stunning actress Ms. Taniya Chatterjee.

RT: What does Taniya lifestyle/routine to every day?

TC: My lifestyle or daily routine is to wake up early or late depends on my shoot schedule. If the shoot is not there, then I get up a little late. Workout is my love, my fitness mantra so move to the gym for my workout. I never skip my gym, after finishing my gym. But if some auditions or shoot line up then wake up early as per the schedule then after coming back home, rest little and then headed to the gym for my workout.

RT: Who was your inspiration for getting into this industry?

TC: My inspiration is Kareena Kapoor Khan from my childhood, I m a huge fan of her. I just get mesmerized by her look and style statement.



RT: Music and Dance are essential in Industry. Who are the artists that you follow/look up to and have learned from?

TC: As I m a trained dancer of “Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and Bellydance. So I m a huge fan of Nora Fatehi, so I just can’t move my eyes from her presence on screen. The way she moves, she grooves, it attracts and inspires me a lot.

RT: What’s your typical day like? Do you draw most of your creative/inspiration within your mind? Also, what’s your favorite food?

TC: I am a theatre actor and I m a student of @actor’s have learned in many ways, traveling a lot, understand things in all prospects. I think about the character/story deeply, after knowing the script than the way, the Director explains to me about my character. I try to understand his thought/imagination and then I portray that’s the way I prepare my self for the shoot.

I try to learn dance steps from Nora Fatehi in my free time by watching her songs or dance videos. This also helps me to stay positive and refreshing. You can imagine, I am nothing without dance.

My typical day started with a healthy breakfast, then of a course Gym session, some auditions/shoots and in spare time chilling with Friend’s then come back home.

From a food point of view, I m damn foody, I like chicken biryani and KFC.

RT: How do you feel about the fact that the respective Bengali and Bollywood industries seem to be in our country?

TC: Bengali and Bollywood working in both the industry are fun and do respect a lot for new learning and experience. I m loving Mumbai now I feel positive vibes in the air, I respect my surroundings and workaholic people who are seriously devoted towards their job in our industry.

RT: Movies/Web-series/Television. Which is fascinating more to you?

TC: As an actor, my job is to perform through my work and would love to win people’s love and respect. So all are equally important to me whether its movies, web-series or television.  I would love to be part of all.

RT: What do people close to you call you? Any nicknames?

TC: No nicknames. Everyone knows me by my name Taniya only.



RT: Brief on your current work…

TC: My current work is with Television queen EKTA KAPOOR’s ALT Balaji‘s and ZEE5‘s. And part of a very well-known franchise GaNdiibaat4. My character’s name is Chandni and by appearance, she is dam pretty hot, sexy and attractive. She knows what she wants and how her demands need to be fulfilled every time. Director SACHIN MOHITE sir is serious as well as cool with full of energy always. He always explains every character in a fun and lighter mode with a smile so that actors don’t feel nervous during shooting. While shooting also, he cracks jokes that make everyone laugh; he has an amazing sense of humor.

He has art to makes the difficult thing easier by his energetic positive nature. And the entire cast and crew of the series are amazing and very helping.

RT: What kind of movies/series moves you the most?

TC: Inside edge, Sacred Games move me the most in the current industry trend and I am a huge fan of “Anurag Kashyap”..and there are many more.

RT: What’s your very best advice for life?

TC: The Best advice for life always smiles, be happy and stay positive, this will helps you to give your best..thx

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