From partying with Jennifer Anniston to throwing a pool party – here’s what your favorite stars want to do this Diwali

The most exciting fest of the season is here. Diwali is around the corners, and the excitement is at its peak. So while everyone’s wondering and planning what they’ll be donning this festive season, we caught hold of a few celebrities and asked them what else they’d like to do this Diwali. So from partying with Jennifer Anniston to throwing a pool party for the festival of lights, we got some dope ideas. So without any further ado, let’s check what your favorites have on their mind…

Tusshar Kapoor –
Last seen in ALTBalaji’s Boo… Sabki Phategi, Tusshar said, “If I had to throw a Diwali party this year, the best theme would be to have a small Diwali party which is socially distanced also. For Diwali, everybody loves a crowd. Still, I think the best theme would be that less is more, and to add it all up, how about having a Diwali party with Halloween costumes because they are so close to each other in time, but that would be a clash of cultures, so let’s not get into it.
When asked which celebrity would he like to party with this year, Tusshar shared, “I think sticking to the family and celebrating it with a close near and dear ones would be the best Diwali celebration. Also, My sister usually has a get-together every year, so I just want to be with her and my family.

Pooja Banerjee –
The actress last seen in ALTBalaji’s Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai had an interesting theme for Diwali this year. “I would keep a swimming pool party for this Diwali since it’s hot in Mumbai and the pools have been shut for a long time here in Mumbai,” she said.
If given a choice, she’d like to party with “Robert Downey Jr” this year for Diwali.

Trupti Khamkar –
Currently seen in ALTBalaji’s recent superhit Girgit, Trupti is clearly so obsessed with her show that she would like to use the show as the theme for the Diwali party. “Thanks to Covid, I won’t be throwing a party this year. I would have loved to call all my friends and have a Girgit themed party with as many colors as possible, but I might do a Girgit themed virtual Zoom Diwali party.”
As for partying with a big celeb, Trupti will like to light some crackers with the Shahenshah himself. “None other than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan,” she said.

Saba Saudagar –
Best known for ALTBalaji’s Boo… Sabki Phategi, actress Saba Saudagar will like to go the classic way this year. “I would like to do a casino theme party for Diwali. Also looking forward to card nights with family.” Interestingly, she will also like to celebrate Diwali with “Jennifer Aniston” this year. Hopefully, they don’t get on a break.

Nakul Roshan Sahdev –
Nakul, who is winning hearts with his performance in ALTBalaji’s superhit Girgit, loves to go classic. “I love the classic Diwali vibe. So for me, the theme of the Diwali party has to be a very classic festive vibe; with

lots of marigold flowers and traditional diyas, and classic Indian food. But no sweets, as I don’t like Indian sweets,” he revealed. And guess who he wants to celebrate Diwali with? “I would love to celebrate Diwali with Lionel Messi one day,” said Nakul. Think they are going to have a ball.

Which celebrity would you like to party with this Diwali? Let us know in the comments below.



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