From Munawar Faruqi to Ankita – Vicky, contestants who are winning hearts in Bigg Boss season 17

COLORS‘ Bigg Boss has been one of the most controversial shows over the past few decades and season 17 has been no different. The show started off with a bang and over the past two months, we’ve seen several contentious moments, fights, love, tasks and so much more. The show started off with 17 contestants in the beginning, and in week 10, fourteen participants have survived. Each contestant has an army behind them, who shower them with love and feel that their favourite is killing it on the show. But, here’s our list of contestants who are winning hearts in the show and why:

Munawar Faruqi: The famous stand-up comedian and reality show, Munawar Faruqi is uptill now the strongest contestant in the house of Bigg Boss this season. Often accused of being double-faced and fake by opponents like Anurag, Munawar has emerged as one of the best personalities in the BB house. He has only been nominated a couple of times and was also the first captain of BB house. What’s more is that last week, Munawar was given the privilege of living alone in the Dimaag room where the Glance Smart Lock Screen helped him change his entire strategy as it displayed important notes. Munawar had started the show with his friendship with Mannara, which later grew and other people like Vicky and Ankita joined in. A note on the platform, “Goodwill aur Undue Advantage? Iska fark jaante ho?” helped Munawar choose his relationships and gave him the sense of right and wrong when he heard the audio of Ankita seeking outside information from her medical professional in the Archive room. While he became the Alpha Male suddenly after these events, ex-girlfriend Ayesha’s entry into the show shook up his entire life. Even after hearing the entire saga, the housemates have been sympathising with him, making him one of the most loved contestants of the house.

Ankita – Vicky: The famous celeb couple of Bigg Boss Season 17 has been in limelight throughout the show. They’ve had their own ups and downs, fights and arguments but at the end of the day they always stand for each other. Especially after the note that appeared on Glance Smart Lock Screen about Ankita taking undue advantage, she is constantly being targeted by the fellow housemates. In fact, a huge fight broke out between the couple and Abhishek recently leading to Vicky and Abhishek pushing and shoving each other too. Unlike earlier, when he was accused of not being there for Ankita, Vicky was seen strongly supporting her and both of them make a very strong team and are definitely among the most loved contestants of Bigg Boss. It’s going to be exciting to see how their journey goes forward in the house.

Mannara Chopra: The most sentimental and the uber desi girl of Bigg Boss Season 17 – Mannara Chopra – has been inspiring her fans with her actions as well as how she has stood up for her friends. In fact, she has grown into the game exponentially by playing upfront and with pure honesty. She has had her ups and downs, fights and friendships in the house and has always come out stronger. Funny enough, Mannara is the first ever contestant in the history of Bigg Boss who got herself nominated by herself as well. Besides Munawar, she is another clear favourite of Bigg Boss. In the house of witty people and manipulators, Mannara has always stood out because of her innocence and that is the reason that despite being nominated and humiliated multiple times, she never lost the love and support of her fans.

Isha Malviya: The youngest contestant in the Bigg Boss house this season is Isha, but she is probably one of the strongest players in this game till now. She never fails to give her 100% in every task or fight, and despite entering the house with a big argument with ex-boyfriend Abhishek, Isha has dealt with every situation with utmost maturity. The entry of her current boyfriend, Samarth Jurel, was also a big shocker for everyone inside and outside the BB house and earned Isha a lot of hatred and humiliation. But unlike Anurag or Khanzaadi, Isha faced her problems in the best way possible and was also voted as the new captain of the house after last evening’s task that was unveiled on the Glance Smart Lock Screen with a note that read as, “An apple a day, that’s the game play for captaincy.”

While these contestants have grabbed everyone’s attention, BIGG BOSS continues to capture headlines with its unique blend of entertainment and drama daily. With more than half the season left, we can be sure to witness more hilarious moments take place. So stay tuned and watch Bigg Boss every weekday at 10 pm and every Saturday – Sunday at 9.30 pm, only on Colors.

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