From Abu Dhabi to India: Dazzling Aerial Rangoli Enchants Mumbai Residents as 500 Drones Paint the Night Sky in Spectacular Harmony

Mumbai’s skyline lit up on 8 November with a synchronised drone show organised by Experience Abu Dhabi, the destination brand of the Department of Tourism and Culture – Abu Dhabi, which saw a dynamic and visually stunning array of designs dance across the night sky.

Taking centre stage was the aerial rangoli, crafted with a fusion of cutting-edge technology and a harmonious blend of traditional Indian and Arabian design elements.

Conducted as part of ‘Let Your Diwali Sparkle’ campaign, the captivating showcase was a treat for the senses and symbolised the vibrant connection shared between these two diverse yet intertwined destinations with the skyline of Mumbai serving as the perfect backdrop to the spectacular symphony of lights and culture.

The ‘Let Your Diwali Sparkle’ campaign aims to inspire Indian travellers to experience Diwali in Abu Dhabi over the holiday season and explore the city that perfectly blends the ancient and the modern, the historical and the cutting-edge.

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