Expressing love will be easier!  Actress Pranali Bhalerao and actor Swapnil Pawar’s new romantic song ‘Premeat Padloy’ is coming to the audience

                                                                                Actress Pranali Bhalerao and actor Swapnil Pawar will meet the audience with the romantic song ‘Premaat Padloy’
Prem…Pyaar…Ishq… No matter the language, this emotion is very powerful. Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. So far in history, those who embraced love as a means to live, became immortal. Whether it is Laila Majnu or Romeo and Juliet.. Love is a beautiful language in the world, the one who speaks this language and finds a beautiful world beyond heaven. There is no need for any day to express true love, yet many express their love to a special someone. Adding to this, the song ‘Premaat Padaloy’ produced by producer Rishikesh Pawar is ready to rule the hearts of the avid audience. Recently, the Muhurta ceremony of this song was held successfully.
Actor Swapnil Pawar and actress Pranali Bhalerao are the new artist duo in the Marathi entertainment world from this song. The song ‘Premaat Padloy’ Produced by Rishikesh Pawar, and is directed by Swapnil Pawar. Swapnil Pawar will be seen playing the dual role of actor and director. So this song has been sung by singer Akash Mahale in his melodious voice. Akash Gadekar will shoot the entire song in his camera.
Everyone’s eyes must have turned towards the romantic song ‘Premaat Padaloy’ starring Pranali Bhalerao and Swapnil Pawar. But without much delay, this romantic song will be ready to beat the hearts of all the audience.

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