”Each episode brings its own set of challenges” says Naqiyah Haji, from Star Bharat’s “Shaitani Rasmein” while discusses the most challenging scene she performed on the show.

Star Bharat’s show “Shaitani Rasmein” has been a top choice for viewers who love fantasy thrillers, thanks to the actors who makes the graphics and stunts in the show look more realistic. Such shows typically demand a great deal of preparation and conviction from the actors in order to achieve the ideal shot. During a candid conversation Naqiyah Haji, who plays the lead role of Nikki in the show, talked about the hardest sequence she had to complete and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making those acts seem natural on television.

*Action sequences on television always command significant attention, particularly when they align with the intrigue of shows like “Shaitani Rasmein.” Yet, the true excitement arises when Naqiyah Haji shared insights into the most demanding scenes she tackled on the show, especially during its early days. Reflecting on her experiences, she expresses,* “I really enjoy each and every stunt in ‘Shaitani Rasmein.'” The applause from the audience makes me even more excited about these scenes. On the other hand, carrying out these sequences frequently requires a lot of work. For instance, in one scene, I was supposed to be thrown into a well, but I accidentally fell from a considerable height, resulting in minor injuries. Similarly, in another scene where I was meant to drown in a Kund, the freezing cold water made it difficult to hold my breath underwater and made the shooting incredibly challenging. Nonetheless, we persevered and achieved the desired outcome.”

*She went on to talk about the constant obstacles she experiences when performing different shots during the show.* “While those scenes stand out as the most difficult, each episode brings its own set of challenges. Achieving perfection demands a great deal of effort, and keeping the appropriate facial expressions during the action is critical to delivering a convincing performance. Despite the hurdles, seeing the finished shot makes it all worthwhile, giving you a sense of accomplishment and happiness.”


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