Director Abhishek Sinha OPENS UP on his debut film Tumse Na Ho Payega securing the 4th spot in the most-watched films on OTT in 2023

Director Abhishek Sinha, debuting with “Tumse Na Ho Payega” on Disney+Hotstar, is revelling in the warmth of admiration. His first film has achieved a significant feat, clinching the 4th position in India’s most-watched OTT films, according to the recent Ormax report, drawing an audience of 14.3 million viewers. Notably, this slice-of-life drama has secured its place in the top 5 alongside other well-known titles like Bawaal, Bloody Daddy, and Gulmohar.

Tumse Na Ho Payega unfolds a captivating comedy-drama featuring Ishwak Singh, Mahima Makwana, Gaurav Pandey, Gurpreet Saini, and Karan Jotwani in the lead roles. The film follows Gaurav Shukla’s journey to break free from toxic corporate culture by launching his startup. Abhishek Sinha’s adept direction garnered praise for seamlessly blending humor with a relatable narrative. Critics and viewers alike celebrated the film’s delightful take on societal challenges.

Abhishek Sinha recently shared his enthusiasm for the film’s positive reception, the insights he gained from the experience, the noteworthy moments, and more.

*Sharing his sentiments about securing a position in the top 5 most-watched films of the year, Abhishek Sinha remarked,* “I’m truly humbled by the overwhelming response to my debut film making it to the top 5 most-viewed. I aimed to create a movie for everyone, transcending age groups with its powerful messaging about chasing one’s dreams. The film’s ability to convey a compelling message without being preachy seems to have resonated deeply with audiences, sparking a universal connection

*When asked about what he thinks distinguishes ‘Tumse Na Ho Payega’ from other releases, Abhishek expressed,* “Tumse Na Ho Payega stands out in the competitive OTT landscape by offering a relatable slice-of-life drama filled with humor. The resonance with the story, characters, and their relatable antics has captured audiences’ hearts. The film’s comedic exploration of daily life situations, evoking chuckles and moments of self-reflection, has contributed to its popularity. Additionally, the powerful message encouraging viewers to dream big, persevere through challenges, and embrace mistakes for growth has resonated universally, making it more than just a story for the youth but a message for all.

Every beginning comes with its own share of highs and lows. *Offering a glimpse into the challenges faced and the memories created, Abhishek shared,* “The making of Tumse Na Ho Payega was quite a journey, marked by unique challenges and memorable moments. We faced the dual challenge of prepping and shooting during the pandemic, navigating safety protocols, and adapting to the new normal. To add to the mix, our schedule coincided with the monsoon season, presenting environmental challenges. Despite these hurdles, the entire team, including actors, producers, direction team, production, costume, HMU, art, and technical teams, shared a camaraderie reflected in our inside joke of ‘tumse na ho payega.’ In the end, we not only overcame these challenges but also proved to ourselves the strength of teamwork, determination, and a good sense of humour are truly unbeatable.”

*Finally, revealing the key learnings and insights gathered from his initial project, Abhishek commented,* “During the making of Tumse Na Ho Payega, I learned the importance of effective communication within the team, fostering a collaborative environment. Managing time efficiently and staying adaptable to unforeseen challenges proved crucial. My biggest learning, as I mentioned earlier, is not to let go of my vision even when it seems difficult. At many times, due to various reasons, compromises may be necessary. The key is to maintain patience and believe in your process. A good team and meticulous preparation always help, especially when surrounded by like-minded individuals who share and believe in the director’s vision. This collaborative effort was instrumental in bringing the film closer to what we aimed to create. These lessons will undoubtedly shape my approach in future projects, emphasizing teamwork, strong collaboration, and unwavering commitment to preserving the directorial vision.”

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