Diipa Khosla’s Stunning Presence at the Magnum Beach Lounge at Cannes Film Festival

Fashion luminary and Entrepreneur, Diipa Khosla, captivated onlookers as she stepped onto the Cannes Film Festival’s glamorous scene in partnership with Magnum India. Renowned for her exquisite style and magnetic presence, Diipa dazzled attendees with her ensemble as she made her way down the Magnum Beach Lounge.

Continuously enchanting us with her fashion choices, Cannes Veteran Diipa Khosla once again defied expectations, showcasing a Cannes wardrobe that exuded even more glamor.
For her Cannes 2024 look, she wore Sana Osmani and jewelry from the Indian Jewellery designer Mahesh Notandass. Skillfully blending avant-garde silhouettes with classic luxury, she ensured that her presence on the Brown carpet was truly unforgettable.

As if the evening couldn’t get any more indulgent, the Magnum dipping bar stole the show. Guests savored the ultimate pleasure as they dipped velvety smooth vanilla ice cream into melted Magnum Chocolate, followed by an array of tantalizing toppings. Against the backdrop of the beachside, the shimmering hues of Magnum installations and Instagram-worthy pleasure stations illuminated the scene, inviting Pleasure Seekers into a realm of pure indulgence.


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